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"Get Yo'Knowledge Up" Awareness Movement
My name is Kirk Wheeler, a father, husband, mentor, son, brother and friend, who desires to truly help bring options for those who are grinding their way toward leaving a legacy!

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Get Yo'Knowledge Up

Awareness Movement

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Well we have GREAT NEWS!!!  We have created a unique and simple platform that not only is very affordable to join but also very affordable to maintain monthly membership. 


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How It Works:

For every sell you make with your client, you will be compensated 25% commission.  

If you refer someone to become an affiliate under you (Tier 2), then you will be compensated 12.5% of every sale that they complete.  We payout every two weeks and each pay period ends on Thursday at 11:59 p.m. (cst).  Again, we keep it very simple and we know because of the quality of our all natural alkaline water that you will enjoy selling a product that truly benefits your clients. Another bonus is that you do not have to carry products around, because we Drop Ship all orders!

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Become an Affiliate Today!

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Step 1: Click to become an affiliate

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