...a little of my backstory

My name is Martina Britt Yelverton, I am the Passionate Founder of Family First! Designs, Martina Britt Yelverton - a "Brand You" Company, as well as 2EducateU.com, GallonGirl.com and a multitude of other domains that promise to mentor to the whole you. I am a Passionist for all things Design, and have fallen completely in love with - Graphic, Web, & Social Media Design - it's in my blood!! In all honesty, while I love making money I also love giving value, and when you subscribe to my FREE Design Tips (you receive notice when I begin to advertise businesses on my business social media platforms AND various websites. This offer is available to those who are on my email list - so opt-in to get in – it’ll begin distribution soon.


...back to why you visited THIS PAGE - to know more. As a youth, I'd always busy myself with arts and crafts, typing and such, was forever rearranging my room - pretty much enjoying life as a single child in my own head. I would desire moreso to create gifts rather than buy them and even in the purchase, I would addmy own touch.

Graduating high school and moving into the collegiate era of my life, I completed a year or so and realized the medical field was not for me. I then tried my hand at Medical Terminology which landed me in computers and this was the greatest; THIS allowed me to communicate, create, & connect!

Over the years the many hats I've worn...

In 2001, it was requested that I design a few certificates for a family friend and with their total pleasure in the final product it was then requested that I design a full package for their retirement party. I was sold! I continued to design pieces here and there for events, parties, graduations, and they were so well received and the genuine compliments continued to flow such that I knew I was on the right track.

In 2003, I returned to the "new form" of education with online learning and graduated from AIU School of Communication with a BFA in Digital Design. I began to focus on graphic designs for family and friends - scared to step outside of this arena. Married to the man I felt I was destined to build my life with and armed with education - I was atop God's green earth! 


In 2008, all that came crumbling down when human err and evil got busy in our lives with an all too well known domestic violence situation. I found myself separated with 4 children within months; one of which was a 6 month old daughter. No way was I going to keep this atmosphere for either of them. I was devastated but determined! Ridiculous childcare costs forced me to take hold of my God-given gift and turn it into a passion. Family First! Designs was fully birthed from hobby into full fledged passion and I have never looked back.

Creative Designer

 ...God continually confirms my anointing through my clients and it drives my passion. I have expanded His gifting and my passion into a full-time business and its expansion from ministries to small entities, to social media design and into education and training is its own testimony that slow and steady, DOES win the race.


I endeavor to be an even greater impact in the design community, & know I am destined to continue to do excellent works for the Kingdom - ...and beyond is my reach! Seek to partner with an individual empowered by His anointing and let's take your vision to the next level - TOGETHER! Get on my email list, receive some great FREE information, and let's build your Brand!


I continue to grow both professionally & personally and I am assured that with this type of consistent effort to sow with DETERMINATION into not only my passion, but also into others, I will leave an undeniably phenomenal legacy. With this as my PLAN, I have many people to touch, and places to go... let's do this.

Finally, understand that Affiliate Marketing is on the rise and as I learn, I will educate you on how passive income can be used by us all. Residual Income is a must and a newly refined educational and financial tool being used to help many learn and build wealth along this journey - join me.

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