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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What if I am interested, yet still have questions?


That's smart! Not a problem at all,  and know that I'd love to get you the answers you desire.
I am also available via email, text, or you may call me directly at: 919.295.0822 | Mobile (11a - 8p EST).


2. I think I am ready, what's the next step?


That's awesome, and know that I am excited to have you join my team. First things first, let's
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Second, you'll schedule your personal consult w/ an expert to shift your income
to get your raise in your next pay check. Once  partnered, we will walk thru your web access
and easy to follow videos will walk you thru your #IncomeShifing actions on your w4.

Again, I am available via email, text or directly at: 919.295.0822 | Mobile (11a - 8p EST), if you
need any assistance with your "Income Shifting" strategy. I'll even set an "after hours"
appointment as necessary.


3. What if I want to share the information with others, how would I do that?


That's the best thing you can do. It lets me know you're serious about getting the
most amount of input on your decision. You can give them this link:!




Martina Britt Yelverton &
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With over 20 years of personal, corporate, network, business and financial knowledge and experience they have now set out on a


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